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Conor Maloney is a blockchain evangelist and journalist published on CCN, Yahoo Finance, and many other outlets. He works as a content marketer in the blockchain space and is a firm believer in decentralizing existing systems to provide greater financial and social freedom for all.Follow him on Twitter @iWriteCrypto.

Blockchain Interoperability Through Atomic Swaps – Building Web 3.0

As of now, there are thousands of blockchains either operational or in development. Public, permissionless blockchains for the peer-to-peer transfer of assets and information, and private enterprise-grade blockchains for industrial applications.As more and more...

Understanding Blockchain: Permissioned and Permissionless

Ten years after its release with the Bitcoin network, distributed ledger technology (DLT) or blockchain technology seems set to take the world by storm. Mainstream media reports on blockchain adoption are on the rise,...

Do We Really Need Blockchain? Top 3 Use Cases

Blockchain is a much-hyped technology that is still poorly understood by the general public, a situation which has allowed startups and businesses around the world to jump on the bandwagon and ‘adopt’ blockchain in...

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