Known Issues And Challenges With Exchanges API


The driving force for Path.Tech‘s API platform is to ‘Make Crypto Easy’ for everyone. We do the hard work behind the scene so a developer can focus on building amazing products.

However, there are some fundamental issues with the core data sources that are beyond our control. We code around these challenges where possible, but the following are known issues that affect our platform.


Issue: Balances and transaction history do not include any assets or activities in the lending account.

What does this mean for Path API?: The data returned (balances, trade history) will not reflect any movement of assets between the lending account and the main trading account. Contrary to the definition of their APIs. We’ve reached out to Poloneix support to get this resolved. Their support is limited (basically, non-existent) and after 6 weeks, we are still waiting for an answer.


Issue: The Bitstamp API will only return history from the last 30 days.

What does this mean for Path API?: As our API can store previously fetched data, the initial request will have a history of 30 days. But subsequent requests will contain persisted data from prior requests. Bitstamp does offer the complete transaction history via a CSV download. We plan to offer this support soon.


Issue 1: Binance does not expose all deposits/forks/airdrops via their API.

What does this mean for Path API?: Since this information is missing, we try to infer as much as possible. Like many financial systems, we use a pseudo double-entry system to audit data. With the missing deposit entries, applications that depend on a similar audit system will fail. We are working on a solution to help resolve this.

Issue 2: Trade history request require a trade-pair parameter.

What does this mean for Path API?: Without a simple request to retrieve just the user’s trade history, we have to use a brute force approach to loop through all the trade pairs since Binance’s inception. (This subreddit thread has more info.) This is resource and time intensive and may cause a timeout on the request. We plan to offer async/callback in the next major release which may alleviate some of the issues.

Last update (Nov 5th 2018): Updated to reflect certain Binance deposit history are not exposed via API.

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